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Since our humble beginnings in 1985, we continue to bring you the beauty and elegance of handmade gifts and crafts from Kaua'i, Hawai'i, where we include a special touch of love and aloha in each piece we create.


From concept and design to final product, we share with you the uniqueness and diversity Hawai'i has to offer everyone from Kama'aina (local islanders) to Malihini (island visitors). Each of our handcrafted creations are made right here on our island home of Kaua'i. As with the warmth of our Hawaiian sun, we offer you an array of products that will enhance your personality and inspire a true feeling of aloha.


Kaua'i Made products are identified by the ho‘okupu, an offering of an “honored gift” in traditional Hawaiian custom. In the Kauai Made logo, this "honored gift" is wrapped in ti leaf. Often the ho’okupu was a lei (wreath) or a handcrafted item of exceptional value. This symbol was chosen by the County of Kaua'i to reflect the deep respect we have for our land, culture and heritage of our people throughout our island.  Any piece bearing the Kaua'i Made logo signifies the product underwent stringent guidelines demonstrating the

item is made on Kaua'i, by its people, and where possible, using island materials. 
We are honored to be a part of the selected group who proudly displays the Kaua'i Made logo.

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